Mars Inc. Ditch the Red 40 Petition Alert petition.

My children have an intolerance to chemical additives including artificial colors, red 40, yellow 5/6, blue 1, artificial flavor, vanillin, BHT, BPA and TBHQ.  I do not buy products containing these additives.

Several years ago it all started with an itchy tongue.  We were also having problems with focus in school, impulsivity, behavior, self esteem in my then 5 year old.  My other kids had problems falling asleep, staying asleep, night terrors, gait problems, migraines.  I started researching and thankfully learned about an elimination diet called the Feingold diet.  We have not looked back. Today my kids are honor roll students and involved in many extra curricular activities.  They demonstrate self control, and have confidence in their abilities.

There is a petition on that is asking Mars Inc., makers of M&M's, to replace artificial dyes with natural coloring.  They already do this in Europe. Why is the US so far behind?  More signatures are needed.  Please sign and share with your groups and blogs.  Together, we can make a difference.

GMO - We Have The Right To Know

Do you believe we are what we eat?  Do you think we should have the right to know what we are eating?
Most Americans don't know what they are eating.  Many aren't even reading the labels.  I began reading labels several years ago when I noticed reactions in my kids after they ate something with a certain chemical additives like red 40, yellow 5, vanillin, BHT, etc.  Changing our eating style has helped me and my family so much.  If I don't know what's in it, I won't buy it, period.

I have started taking it a step further when I began learning about GMO's.  GMO stands for genetically modified organisms

It's a challenging process but Whole Foods is committed to labeling all their products by the year 2018 and is the first national grocery store chain to set a deadline to do so.  There may be many reasons people want to know what's in their food.  Don't you think we have the right to know?

Currently there are The Nine GE Crops on the Market in the U.S.:    Corn    Soybeans    Canola    Cotton    Sugar Beets    Alfalfa    Hawaiian Papaya    Zucchini    Yellow Crookneck Squash 

Look for these on products to avoid GMO.

Go organic!
The USDA National Organic Standards prohibit the use of GMOs.
Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified seal
Third-party verification that a product is made without the intentional use of GMO ingredients.
64 countries label their genetically modified food

Shouldn't the USA be on this list?  
Take action now by signing the Just Label It campaign here

Know what you are eating and feeding your children