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Another holiday is right around the corner.  Do you know what's in the chocolate bar you are eating?  Do you suffer from migraines, irritability, skin problems? Are your kids eating chocolate?  Are they impulsive, un-focused, quick to rage? Take a look at the ingredients in your candy bar.  You might be surprised to see a range of chemical ickys in there.

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Luckily, there are choices!  We sub with Sundrops, UnReal, and Clark.  It doesn't just stop at candy.  When we started this journey a few years ago I discovered the importance of reading ingredient labels.  Do not assume your food will help you stay healthy.  You need to know what ingredients to avoid. So many ingredients in the US food system will effect your well being and that of your children.

I remember an ice cream social we took part in. We've been mindful of toxic ingredients for some time now.  I knew what the spread was going to be without even seeing it.  I wish I had snapped a picture of the table.  There was every kind of candy topping you could think of.  It would surely make other like minded folks cringe.  We brought simple substitutions free of dangerous chemicals, enjoyed the party and didn't miss out on a thing. Funny, it wasn't long before lots of kids were running around willy nilly and we all noticed a host of impatient adults trying to deal with the chaos.   oy.. 
Does your school or activity have these kinds of celebrations?  Do they follow a party and treat guideline? 

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