Jaime Olivers Vanilla Ice Cream Demonstration on David Letterman

oh gosh! Please know what you are eating. Please read the labels. You ARE what you eat! Check this out!  This was on Jaime Olivers Food Revolution reality show last night.  It's one of the best visual demonstrations I have seen on fake food!  My family has been on diet therapy following the Feingold program for just over 2 years now.  We started the program when we noticed behavioural problems in our child.  Then our eyes opened and we realized the foods we were eating were causing my kids many problems including being able to fall asleep and stay asleep, self esteem issues, speech problems, migraines, IBS, cognitive thinking, impulsiveness, rage and more!

Did you know the secretion from the North American Beaver anal glands is used in many foods as an additive for flavor! 

This vid is from Jaime Olivers interview with David Letterman.  As soon as the vid from last nights show becomes available I will add that.

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