FDA Food Coloring Hearings Begin Today

Foods such as Jell-O, Lucky Charms cereal, and Minute Maid Lemonade that use these artificial food colors may worsen the behavior in some children, particularly children with adhd tendancies.  The FDA is considering putting warning labels on the foods that contain the artificial food coloring suspected of doing this.  Will this warning label help you with your decisions?

It will for me.  For now, I read every ingredient list and have a pretty good knowledge of what has dye in it.  Dyes like red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, and blue 1 are some of the dyes we stay away from due to sensitivities to it.  These dyes effect us in ways ranging from migraines, poor sleep, chewing on collar or shirt, behavioural impulsivity, cognitive abilities and more.  Removing the dye from my families diet has changed all of us.  I am so excited the FDA is hearing this issue this week.

Regardless of the outcome, I know, along with thousands of other parents the effect artificial colors can have on our children and can do something right now, warning label or no warning label and that is to simply refuse to buy the products with artificial color in them.

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  1. What makes me so angry about this is that the top processed food manufacturers have the capability to make processed food without dyes (they do in Europe where they are banned) but they refuse to do it in the States.

    I don't buy this junk because I can afford whole food choices. Many people are not able or willing to make all there own food. They are stuck with the dyes...ugh!


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