Get Red 40 Out Of Food

Do food dyes make kids hyperactive? FDA to decide.
The FDA is examining the link between dyes found in everyday foods and hyperactivity in children.
I support the Starbucks commercial before the msnbc piece.  Starbucks, like Whole Foods and Trader Joes does not use artificial color in their products.

What do you think of the final comment in the article?  Do you think putting a warning label on products that contain dye in them will create unneccessary consequences?  That statement just makes me laugh. 

Today is Day 2 and the last day of the FDA hearings on artificial color in food.


  1. It doesn't matter what the FDA decides to do. A warning label would be great so that other parents might be informed if their child has a sensitivity to it. I think the latest news is the same old news - FDA will do nothing. Why would they? It is a loss of profit for them. I propose to spread the news and let consumers decide what to buy! It's happening already! I can no longer find dye-free tylenol (they are all out!). I couldn't find the clear gatorade when my kids were sick - (they were completely sold out). Keep spreading the news. :) You are doing a great job!

  2. Thanks, you are doing a great job too!! The more food dye comes up in conversation the more it helps parents and kids who may be effected by it. The one sure thing we can do as parents regardless of the outcome of the hearings is refuse to purchase products with dye in it....and spread the word!!


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