Avoid Monsanto and Shop Organic Markets

Farmer Markets are starting to open around our neighborhoods and week after week the bounty will grow!   I love heading out to the local farmers market and strolling down the open air streets.  There are more and more booths each week as the season ramps up.  You can check out localharvest for information about farmer markets in your area.  While you're at it, look into CSA's.  This is community supported agriculture.  By joining a CSA, you will be supporting your local farmers and organic properties.

Do you know the name Monsanto?  Who or what are they?  Monsanto is the world's largest supplier of herbicides, bioengineered seeds, and hormones called bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to increase milk production.  Its primary product is Roundup and it is believed among many that their goal is global dominance of the food supply.  We need to raise awareness of the dangers of this kind of reach.

I will go into more detail about Monsanto and genetically modified foods, (GMO's) in future posts and welcome your comments.    Remember, if the food you are buying is NOT certified organic, there is great probability that it has been genetically modified. 

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