A Whole Foods Dye Free Easter

We were given a gift card for Whole Foods and wanted to use it for the family in a special way so we decided to wait til now and buy a few goodies for the kids Easter baskets.   Whole Foods is one store that has a nice selection of dye free candy and treats.  We found a big bag of lollipops and gummy bear treats that the kids can share with their friends.   We also picked up a dye free Easter egg dye kit!   Looking forward to comparing this kit to my homemade dyes.

We are a Feingold  family and avoid artificial food dye, artificial flavors, preservatives like BHT, MSG, Vanillin (this is a big one for us to avoid) and high fructose corn syrup.  It's not as hard as it might seem but I still do struggle with artificial flavors and preservatives.  If preservatives are used in the packaging, the companies are not required to disclose that. And I am learning about the dangers of GMO's.  This year we will add an itunes gift card, sleep pants and some art and Spring toys to the baskets.  But NO fake grass!

What are you doing for your kids Easter baskets?  Are you making them?  Do you use Easter grass or something else?


  1. I'll have to try to find that!

    here is a link to dye eggs with vegetables


  2. Thank you for the link. Love the picture tutorial! We're doing eggs tomorrow, both with the kit and the natural foods. I'll post pictures and see if anyone can tell the difference!


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