LA School District Will Decide on Flavored Milk

This is great news!
Jaime Oliver has launched a new food revolution recently and its creating quite a buzz. This is JO's 2nd year on ABC and this time he is taking on the huge Los Angeles school district, LAUSD. In the first 2 episodes, Jaime Oliver and crew have been denied access to the schools, and JO has been stonewalled by school board members. One of JO's focus is flavored milks being offered in the lunch line and how this act alone is contributing to childhood obesity and diabetes. Flavored milks like chocolate and strawberry should not be a staple in a child's diet. The new superintendent John Deasy is speaking up and taking a stand. Last night on the Jimmy Kimmell show Deasy announced that he is going to recommend to eliminate flavored milks in their public school system.  Now, whether this means altogether or not offered at every meal, this is a huge step forward and hopefully other revolutions around the nation will have similar success. 
I hope chocolate milk is just the the beginning and Jaime Oliver will continue to press the school food suppliers and government commodities to offer fresh, additive free foods for our children.

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