Food dye and hyperactivity

Chicago Tribune health reporter Julie Deardorff and panelists Michael Jacobson and Dr. Keith-Thomas Ayoob had an hour long live chat today on food dyes and hyperactivity.  I wish I could have joined in but the transcript is available.  Click Food dye and hyperactivity to read what they talked about.



  1. My mother would love this blog, she is the same way. I will forward this to her.

  2. Thank you barefooter! It is getting more and more attention in the media and the more we can talk about and raise awareness, the better!

  3. I really wish more parents would read about the dangers of food dyes and how it leads to hyperactivity! Have you watched Extreme Couponing yet? I have a sister-in-law who is just like that, and she has 2 young kids. She loves getting great deals, but she's just buying junk junk junk. Makes me sad.


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