Disney World Free Dining Announced

We have been able to take advantage of this offer 2x, once in 2007 and then 3 years later in 2010. 
Wanted to get a post up quick about it in case you have been thinking about going. This offer is for Disney Visa card holders.  There will be a general public offer and that usually is announced a few days after the Disney Visa offer so stay tuned.

Disney Reward Visa Discounts
2011 Memories Vacation Package with Photo Book & Free Dining

Travel Dates: August 28 - September 24, 2011
Booking Dates: April 28 - August 27, 2011

Phone Booking Code:
I25 for
Quick Service Dining at Value Resorts
O2M for
Regular Dining at Moderates, Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resorts

Upgrade Codes:
Y23 for
Regular Dining at Value Resorts
P3G for
Deluxe Dining at Value Resorts
H2C for
Deluxe Dining at Moderate, Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resorts

You can learn more and see other Disney discount codes at:
The Mouse For Less.


  1. Sorry. Off topic to the actual post but I noticed you're concerned about additives in food. Have you read The Healthy Home? I read bits and pieces of it. I think you may find some info in there useful possibly. I believe its a NY Times Best Seller.

  2. Thank you for that! I will check into it. I appreciate the comment!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Always great to save $.


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