New iPhone App Fooducate

The new Fooducate iPhone app will change the way you grocery shop.  I know it's going to help me a lot and it's free!
I read every ingredient list on every item I purchase.  I avoid buying food with any artificial food coloring in it, and am 75% successful in trying to avoid artificial flavoring and preservatives like BHT.  Added color is cut and dry for me.  If it's on the ingredient list, it stays on the shelf.  Artificial flavors and preservatives are a little trickier.  With this new ap I can immediately learn about  "alternatives" for products I have questions on.
Fooducate "grades" the products for you and gives you information below each item on why it's good or bad for you.  There is also the alternative tab ( my personal favorite feature ) that will offer you other options within the food category.
Fooducate's iPhone app enables shoppers to automatically scan the bar codes of over 200,000 unique food products, and instantly see how nutritious they really are. Shoppers learn the whole truth, as well as recommendations for healthier alternatives.
I already went through my pantry with iPhone in hand, scanning away.  Next stop, the grocery store and I'm actually looking forward to it!

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